Poinciana by Nola Jones

ARTIST NOTES: The Poinciana was grown in memory of my mother. It is in the botanical style.


DIMENSIONS (Height - 49.50 cm X Width - 42.50 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Pastel on Paper
GENRE Still Life
REGISTERED NRN # 000-40896-0140-01
COPYRIGHT © Nola Jones
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Artist: Nola Jones


                 ARTIST STATEMENT of Nola Jones

I live in Moyhu, North East Victoria, in the King Valley wine growing area, my husband and I have raised four children on our beef property. Our farm has a creek and beautiful views in every direction, which gives me no end of inspiration. It’s a taste of paradise.


As a child, I entered a drawing competition for The Gould League Bird Lovers Guild, for which I received great encouragement. I enjoyed art at High school with attempts at painting, pastels, print making, etching, pen and ink. I loved experimenting with them and anything to do with craft. With artists in the family and studying art at Secondary teacher’s college as an elective, my interest was kept alive.

In 1997, after family commitments, I decided to take up my interest in art once more. The only avenue was Folk Art and Decorative Painting, and for the last 18 years I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching Decorative Painting extending into Fine Art.  As a teacher, one seeks to learn, motivate, and encourage one’s students to obtain their full potential, which I find very rewarding. Also, I enjoy demonstrating and thus promoting painting to the wider community.

During this time, I attended classes, many workshops, conferences, use online studies and resources. 

I belong to several online groups, asking questions, receiving critiques and support on a Global scale.

As a realistic painter, my subject matter is broad, from the intricate rose to full landscapes, recording many of the scenes from our property.  I enjoy working with many mediums e.g. acrylics/ genesis heat set oils/ pastels/ watercolours/ oils/ liquid pencils on different surfaces and am anxious to explore these to the best of my ability. It’s hard to imagine a day passing without lifting a paint brush.

I have achieved many wins, especially at local shows in Decorative art and Fine Art, winning best of the show several times. I’ve entered the Bright Art show; YMCA show; King Valley Art Show, Wangaratta Art Society, Wangaratta Agricultural Show and sold many paintings. My work has been selected to be displayed on web groups and online galleries and have been invited to provide an article for the Artist Palette magazine.

In 2019 my works have been accepted into the Moonee Valley Art Show (best drawing), Flemington Art Show (sold a painting) and the Camberwell Art Show as well as the most successful Art exhibitor in the Wangaratta Agricultural Show. Paintings have been shown in the King Valley and Tatong Art Shows. Currently showing at Bright’s Exhibition.

Nola Jones

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