Australian Bushfires by Jolene Ambers

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I was in the library the one day as I usually am. I borrowed a book and decided to go to the nearby park to read a few chapters. I stepped out and when I looked up I thought I was dreaming. The sky was a beautiful pastel orange, Everywhere I looked, it was orange, not a hint of blue anywhere. As anyone would, my confused mind made the connection that this orange was the complementary to sky-blue and therefore the world must be ending.

Figuratively speaking, far away from the city where I was, the world was ending for many families and the event not only burnt a mark on the Australian landscape, but also in many human lives.


DIMENSIONS (Height - 30.00 cm X Width - 30.00 cm )
GENRE Humanity
REGISTERED NRN # 000-42358-0136-01
COPYRIGHT © Jolene Ambers
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Artist: Jolene Ambers


Hey there, I'm Jolene. My art is usually inspired by anything I see of interest around me, I like to attach meaning to things (sometimes it goes overboard). I aim for people who see my art to also find meaning in them.

Anyways, I mainly do watercolour and have been on my art journey for 4 to 5 years, I just started doing this online late last year so we'll see where this thing goes. If you like what you see follow my Instagram   @joleneambers_art  , I have the same profile picture :)

If you would like something to be painted, feel free contact me.

I hope everyone is staying safe and sanitary out there, 2020 has been a roller coaster for Victoria so far.

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